Channeled Meditation Downloads

These Channeled Meditations are arranged in categories to help you to choose the meditations that will help you most at this time.

All are channeled from an Ascended Master or Arch Angel. Master Kuthumi is always there with Lynette and allows another Master or Arch Angel to come forward through Lynette. Sometimes Master Kuthumi will channel a meditation himself. Lynette simply opens herself in full trust. A trust of Master Kuthumi that has grown stronger and richer over many years working together.

Each meditation has a powerful energy born of Divinity and service. Each has been given for the purpose of higher growth and awareness of Spirit and the Higher Realms. Each is given to teach, to heal, to send love and peace to those who listen.

Your own Higher Self will guide you in choosing what you need at this time on your journey of transformation.

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Darlene Keenan

November 6, 2019 at 9:56 pm


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