Ascended Master Lady Nada

Ascended Master Lady Nada

Ascended Master Lady NadaLady Nada channeled this message through Lynette, in order for mankind to have a greater understanding of the Great White Brotherhood’s purpose in the process of mankind’s Enlightenment.

I also encourage and light the path of women who seek a role in leadership, in presenting yourself to a world of people.
My energies encourage them in achievement and persistence, always in balance.

My love comes to surround you now and always my friends.
My role is one of a Higher clearing, for I encourage all to see any untruths in mankind’s teachings which have been hidden to them previously.
I also help those who are very harsh and judgmental of others, mostly of themselves.
Sadly this is often instilled by misguided teachings of another, often through childhood experience.
This must be cleared, these rigid beliefs and ways, and I offer my assistance and love in that process.
For until you truly love yourself, how can you truly love another?

This will also benefit those who are seeking a Higher level of attainment, those seeking a Higher Union with the Divine. My love and energies assist with this process.

Master Lady Nada

(Picture courtesy of artist Kinsley Jarrett and Hooper Publications, Ltd., Australia
From the book Visions of the Ascended Masters – Patricia Hooper Publisher)

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