The Holy Grail

Holy Grail

Holy GrailAs history, portrays the cup known as the ‘The Holy Grail’ was used by Christ at his last supper. Sadly only after his passing into the higher realms did mankind begin to have some understanding of the truth of his teachings.

Those who had charge of the Holy Grail were expected to be of pure thought, word, and deed. When one was found not to be ‘pure’, the Holy Grail disappeared.

The knights of King Arthur went on many quests to find the Holy Grail, all believing themselves to be ‘pure’.

The Ascended Master Kuthumi is now keeper of the Holy Grail. We asked for his thoughts on this matter.

“Indeed, it is interesting to see that the sacred cup, known to you as the Holy Grail is once again with us of The Brotherhood. The true meaning to all those who seek the Holy Grail is of course all truth, all knowing, pure untainted truth in God, the creator, his word, his ways and understanding. For we here all must follow his ways, just as those who seek the highest truth must also. This truth must be pure, and the heart must be pure of those who seek this.

It is a “journey”, a journey of enlightenment, for mankind must leave all materiality behind him, and come to love and trust unconditionally. To those who attain mastery, to those who are pure of heart, these souls indeed touch the Holy Grail. In my role as World Teacher I assist all who search in this process”.

Master Kuthumi


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