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Divine Offerings

We offer Channeled Readings, Spiritul Healing and Astrology Reports, both in person and distant.

Master's Channeled Teachings

These are the latest Channeled messages from Master Kuthumi and the Arch Angels through his chosen channel Lynette


Take a look at our range of Meditation Downloads, Cd’s and Books as well as Master Kuthumi’s Homestudy Course

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Readers Poetry

This poetry is inspired by readers and are placed on this site for all to share. If you have a poem that you wish to share, please submit here. The poem will be considered at the Masters discretion and posted on this page.

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Divine Offerings

We offer the following services on behalf of the Ascended Masters and Arch Angels. Each of these services is provided with the highest integrity, along with many years of listening and learning from our wonderful Ascended Masters who chose to work with us. We did not ask them, they presented to each of us.

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Readers Questions

If you have a question of a Non personal nature, you can ask Master Kuthumi. The question and reply will be answered at the Masters discretion and posted on this page. Please limit to one question. Please note, your first name and country only will be included with the answer.

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