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    Q; What is the significance of the Venus transit to the Earth as a whole? Jasper, UK

    A; First of all I send a warm greeting to this Soul. Now the planet Venus. Well, can I say that the various planets, they are all linked in a way to your planet Earth, and indeed each has a part to play in your destiny and events.
    As you are aware, nothing is by accident, and it was decided that the presence of the planet Venus would be very beneficial at this Earth time, it’s influence is powerful and Earth needed this vibration. There has been much clearing of the emotional body of Souls on Earth, as well as the stress of various events on the planet as a whole. Much aggression and control. So when you combine all this negative energy that is in the atmosphere – it needed to be broken up.
    Now the planet Venus has a loving vibration, which your planet needs in this time of transformation and upheaval. This loving vibration is available to all who open to receive it. Could I perhaps, call the Venus vibration, a “remedy”. Yes a remedy, when going through such tremendous movement and change, all souls need a little “remedy”- a little loving vibration to filter through to help in giving upliftment, understanding and strength to each of you, and indeed, to help dissolve the negative aspects.
    It is available to all to nurture and help in the various healing situations, whether at a Soul level, or indeed your very planet, which does absorb this energy so readily.
    This vibration is very necessary in creating balance.

    Master Kuthumi.

    Q; How can we get through the past and live in the present? Janene, NZ

    A; I will answer the final question that you have asked, about releasing the past and living in the present.
    It is important that when releasing another Soul that it is done with love from the heart, and equally important that you not hold onto any negative emotion. When dealing with the emotional body, it is always a difficult process, and indeed, each Soul processes their issues, hurts and love in a different way.
    This is a vast subject, this getting through the past! My talk on “Letting Go” may be of assistance to you. I can say, looking at you, take your time, do not rush into anything. I see you are still settling and are still carrying many hurts. And I can say, through this process you are going through please remember to nurture your self. Most important, yes, most important. And this is for everyone reading this reply, never forget to pamper and nurture, and indeed spoil a little – your self. For when the self feels appreciated and loved, all the burdens begin to diminish in size.
    I cannot answer further as this is of a very personal nature.

    Master Kuthumi.

    Q; How can you recognize your blockages, particularly from a past life to enable you to clear them and move on in this life and for ascension ? Thank you, Marion, Australia

    A; Greetings to you. Well, there are many souls on the Earth plane who are dealing with emotional blockages, even as I answer this through my channel. First of all an emotional blockage is apparent when you can’t seem to “let go” of an issue. Usually, though not always, another soul is involved. Do not be too hard on these Souls, as that Soul may be the one who has contracted to help you overcome an issue that has repeated itself over many life times. These “issues” are often a repeated pattern of behavior, and can I say, that to overcome this pattern, much Soul growth and learning will be necessary. Indeed, some Souls will reincarnate simply to attempt to overcome a repeated behavior pattern.
    Usually, I can say from observing many, Souls require help to both recognize and overcome these issues. And there are many Souls who are able to assist with these matters.
    However many are able to indeed overcome their lessons and behavior patterns themselves, and because of this, much Soul growth is achieved.
    My dear, may I suggest to you, as I observe you, that you require much healing energy. Please, absorb this and be at peace.

    Master Kuthumi.

    Q; Kuthumi, What is the difference between a Master and an Ascended Master? Jasper, UK

    A; Well first of all let me say that both of these “titles” are not required or indeed, used on our plane. Both are used on the Earth realms. The reason we do not use them here of course is that they are not needed to be used.
    You see, mankind has a need to put all things into an ego orientated hierarchy system and this is why we have no need for these titles here.
    However, in your terms, let me say, a Master, as I understand from my channels vocabulary, implies a person who has achieved much in their chosen field of learning. They have attained a very high level of understanding and achievement.
    Now an Ascended Master is one who has reached that very high level of achievement on your Earth plane and has then passed over to this side, and has, because of the Souls level of attainment, been able to reside on one of the Highiest dimensions.
    This can take a Soul thousands of life times of growing and experiencing to achieve.

    Foot note:

    Wonderfully, mankind and Earth are enjoying so much more Light through the many Souls now awakening. This means our Soul lessons and heavy burdens can be worked through in one or two lifetimes now. This is how mankind has already grown. Spirit help by thinning the veil, man has helped this as well through gaining Higher development.

    Master Kuthumi.

    Q; Is there any spirit involvement, as in message deliverance or maybe upliftment of day to day behavior or ultimately change of consciousness, that has to do with what is broadcast in the media (more especially with the programs charmed, Joan of Arcadia etc). Do some movies or programs have related themes to the purpose and mission of the Masters. Thank you for loving us.
    Malete, South Africa

    A; Yes indeed they do. Many Souls who were prominent in various ‘arts’ during an incarnation, are sometimes able to work through Souls on Earth. This is often achieved through dreams and seemingly sudden ‘enlightened ideas’ which simply ‘appear’. This has occurred with inventions on Earth.  Many artists on this side assist in this way.
    Now can I say in this instance, this program you call ‘Charmed’ is also assisting in the awakening of Souls, and in the necessity to be vigilant and remain in the loving positive energy of Source.

    Master Kuthumi.


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