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Michael is an internationally known profound healer and teacher who works closely with the Ascended Masters Jesus and El Moyra.

He is  an extremely accomplished Past Life and Soul Therapist.
His unique channeled method of body and soul therapy allows his clients to gently explore their present emotional and mental blocks, past lives and experiences.
The Masters El Moyra and Jesus also perform psychic surgery through Michael, and the effects on those who have received this healing have been nothing short of miraculous .
They have been able to feel those in spirit healing them. Indeed it was Master El Moyra and Jesus who came forward to teach Michael this life changing healing process. They carefully showed Michael step by step.

Michael explains that, most often, current emotional blocks are held in a past life memory at a soul level.

He is able to take his clients through a gentle channeled process to enable them to reach the core of an issue.
Once released and cleared, they are free of it.
Unburdened by any emotional and physical blocks which held them back, they feel lighter and more able to connect to  their own power, to reach their full potential and connect to their life purpose, with a renewed happiness and joy.

Michael is also an accomplished facilitator of  meditation and development groups, Michael has assisted many to discover the TRUE ART of meditation, and its value as a spiritual development tool.
He has recorded  several Meditation and Development CD’s which are available on the website in the Divine Offerings section under Channeled Meditations .

Michael also oversees the running of Master Kuthumi’s website as you see it today.
This ensures the Master’s words and teachings are available to all those who seek it.

What others say …

“Words cannot describe how grateful I am to Mike for his long distance healing I recently received from him.  His amazing capacity to know exactly how I was feeling both emotionally and physically at the time of the healing was truly incredible.

I cannot thank them enough for their love and continued support, always available for me as I move through this “Game of Life”.

Catherine, Perth WA

I want to tell you how awesome that was to listen to and feel. When I told you I felt butterflies around my heart that was the same time on the tape that you ask Jesus to stand over me with his hand on my shoulder and send his love to my heart..When I heard that it brought tears of joy to my eyes..

God Bless, Robin, New Orleans, USA

There is something in his energy, a warmth that dissolves the hardness in your being.

Joel, Phillipines

I have felt emotionally trapped for years, that’s gone. It’s amazing.


He has a very strong healing energy and a very gentle manner.

Caroline, England

Whilst on vacation on Mount Tamborine, I picked up a foreign energy. It was desperately clinging onto my back and highly uncomfortable. My sense was that Mike had what it took that help remove it and help it on its way back home. And so it was. Mike, thanks very much for the loving and respectful way in which you’ve helped me, for sharing your insights during the healing sessions, and for the advice you’ve given me. You are blessed by working as a healer and may you receive many clients that will be blessed with healing.

Eric, Switzerland

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