Ascended Master Lord Lanto

Ascended Master Lanto

Ascended Master Lord LantoLord Lanto channeled this message through Lynette, in order for mankind to have a greater understanding of the Great White Brotherhood’s purpose in the process of mankind’s Enlightenment.

I extend my Light to you at this glorious moment when our energies touch.
My role in the part of raising your planets vibration is through teaching and education.
I encourage the young saplings of youth, to question, to go beyond the physical, to raise their awareness, and encompass this awareness into their daily lives as they grow to be strong trees, able to reach out and support others.

It is a great task, and the faith must not waiver, nor the faith of all those who hold the young minds and development in their hands.
It is a great responsibility.
All teachers of youth, and all teachers everywhere on your Earth, must be aware of this responsibility as they mold the minds of their students, for each holds great power.

Gentle guidance is needed to make one aware of their Soul, to see where one is needing guidance to a Higher awareness.

And so I give encouragement and Light to all teachers and those beginning their paths toward Higher learning.

Master Lord Lanto

(Picture courtesy of artist Kinsley Jarrett and Hooper Publications, Ltd., Australia
From the book Visions of the Ascended Masters – Patricia Hooper Publisher)

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