Soul Matrix – Ultimate

Soul Matrix – Ultimate Course

Presented by Lynette.
Chosen Channel of Ascended Master Kuthumi

This course is about attaining the
Ultimate Connection to All on every level of your Being.
We trigger full remembrance of DNA and energy codes previously lain dormant within.Expanding to your true self while living in a physical body.

Along the way you meet some of the Ascended Masters
“Life brings us what we aspire” –
Are you ready to step up, practice and awaken to oneness?



  • Connect fully to the Universal flow and fully integrate your Divine Self
  • Explore beyond Linear thinking
  • Enjoy expanded health and vitality
  • Discover multi location of self
  • DNA activation – Infinite Helix
  • Learn about the Cosmic Gateways and Solar travel
  • Understanding zero point connection
  • Awaken your Light within
  • Integrating two worlds
  • The Galactic vortex of transcendence and more …

Your Soul has guided you here To become
ALL you can be in a physical form.
To be in Light service to humanity – our highest role on Earth at this time.
Ultimate gives you the ancient knowledge and the
eys to Enlightenment.


  • Create a Life you want.
  • Soul Matrix Ultimate consists of five face to face lessons weekly, giving you needed time to integrate each session and keeping you on track.
  • Lessons are recorded so you can listen to a particular session again.
  • Powerful Channelled messages and meditations from the Ascended Masters are part of this course
  • We connect via Zoom – This is an Interactive internet video conference.

What will I learn

  • A deeper experience of Spiritual Being
  • Step into your Divine gifts enabling you to create the life you want
  • Learn to read your Akashic Records
  • Learn how to maintain and heal your auric field
  • Experience the soul power of your DIVINE essence
  • Expanded level DNA activation – essential for the Hu-man Light Codes
  • Ability to Transform personally and cosmically into your intuitive magical Divinity
  • Access at will the two worlds
  • And Much More……….this is Cosmic Matrix Ultimate

The Soul Matrix Ultimate Course Begins 24 October 2021

This course is only held ANNUALLY!

It’s time to fully expand to  your Divine Light Quotient, to fulfill your Soul contract of this lifetime and to merge to Universal Humanity – our next evolutionary step.

Payment reserves your place

Weekly video link Course via ZOOM

Zoom is an interactive internet video conference app. We will give you the link to enter the conference and when you open the link it will automatically download the app to your device, so for all future sessions you just open the app and type in this weeks link to enter the chat room.

Payment of $390.00 AUD

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