Ascended Masters

Meet The Master’s of The Great White Brotherhood 

Ascended Masters are Enlightened Spiritual Beings, emanating great Light and empowering us with their expansive ancient wisdom. Thereby enabling mankind to attain Enlightenment and allowing all to fulfill the evolutionary process.

All have  experienced life on Earth, just as we have over many, many lifetimes.

Over many lifetimes of experience and learning, they fulfilled their Soul Contracts and came to understand themselves totally – all of their aspects, their reason for being, and so fulfilled their Divine Plan. Each then ascended back to Source reuniting with the God/Source.

Though they once experienced physical bodies like we do, they now dwell in the Higher Realms of Spirit, and are great Beings of Light. Yet their experience of living with mankind’s limitations has allowed a complete understanding and patience with us all as we tread their footsteps toward our own Enlightenment.

The Masters of the Great White Brotherhood have chosen to stay connected with souls on Earth to channel the Ancient Truths and Higher learning through incarnated Old Souls. Lynette is one of those souls who has agreed to undertake this task in service to mankind.

The Ascended Masters are the true teachers of mankind, working under God, directing the spiritual evolution to those who desire to reunite with the Christ Consciousness, thereby returning to God/Source Light.

Some of the Ascended Masters have spiritual retreats in the Etheric octave.

You can travel to these retreats in your spiritual body while your physical body remains asleep, or when higher states of awareness – during meditation – are reached. The veil has now been lifted between the realms, as mankind prepares to enter the Golden Age of Light – Christ Consciousness. 

Lynette has spoken with each Master asking them what they briefly wish to say to us. Their words are here –

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