Soul Matrix – Level 1

Presented by Lynette.
Chosen Channel of Ascended Master Kuthumi

For an inner “aahh” moment as you Open to more layers of your soul interfacing with your Higher Self and Source. This requires a molecular upgrade of the body through DNA – the first step in the Divine – human re-wiring process, expanding your field, allowing a stronger connection.

Humanity has been functioning with only a small amount of soul integration for many of our Linear years.

The matrix of Source is now helping us to open, to expand and translate our Divinity into our humanity – our Divine – human experience


  • Learn to clear and transform negative programs to enable you to step into your true self
  • You are much more than your physical body. You are a multi-dimensional being
  • Lean to read your Akashic Records – Past – Present – Future
  • Understand how to clear and maintain your auric field
  • Two levels of DNA activation’s are included to enable you to expand from the cellular to the Divine Matrix levels and raise your vibration to much higher levels
  • Ignite your Intuition
  • We work with the Three Fold Flame of the heart and activate the Octahedron of Universal Flow.
  • We activate your Pineal Gland/Third Eye to assist your intuition accuracy
  • Through Soul Matrix you will experience profound transformation of your life experiences, as you grow into a new level of spiritual growth and understanding. You learn to live your Soul Divinity daily.
  • With clearing your bodies and expanding your third eye, and DNA activation’s, connecting to the Akashic records you are able to ignite your intuition for yourself, and paying clients if you choose, which could provide an income stream for you.
  • Create a life you want.
  • Soul Matrix consists of eight face to face lessons, weekly, giving you needed time to integrate each session and keep you on track.
  • Lessons are recorded so you can listen to a particular section again.
  • Powerful Channelled meditations from the Ascended Masters are part of this course
  • We connect via Zoom

 What Will I Learn

  • Learn how to clear old “programs” that no-longer serve you
  • Step into your Divine gifts and create the life you want
  • Learn to read your Akashic Records and fulfill your Soul purpose in this lifetime.
  • Learn how to maintain and heal your auric field
  • Discover Three fold flame of the heart
  • Two levels of DNA activation’s – essential for the Divine/Human Light Codes of your Divinity
  • The Octahedron Universal flow
  • Activation of your Pineal Gland/Third eye
  • The Polarity of your soul lifetime
  • And Much More…………………

Next Course Begins 25 July 2021

It’s time to step up, to raise your vibration,
to expand your Light Quotient within,
to fulfill your soul purpose of this lifetime.


Payment of $380.00 AUD

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Path to Ascension – Channeled Course

Ascended Master Teachings

  • It’s Unique
  • It’s Magical
  • It’s Enlightening
  • It’s Easy to Understand and Follow
  • It’s Master Kuthumi’s Channeled Downloadable Homestudy Course

“Path to Ascension – Channeled Course”

Master Kuthumi has given this to Lynette so you can study at home at your own pace.

What will I learn?

  • Understand how to use spiritual energy to clear your auric field of lower negative energy, and to connect with the Higher Realms of Spirit. This understanding is essential. Negative energy is everywhere so it is important to know how to keep your energy field clear and vibrant.
  • Discover the Sacred Breath exercises to integrate more Light and higher energies into your Auric field
  • Learn about the two Healing Rays for the mental, emotional and physical bodies. It’s important to heal and clear these bodies in order to raise your vibrational level.
  • Discover the Ancient Lemurian exercise given by Master Kuthumi to strengthen your Light Body to help you cope with the energy changes on our planet today
  • Learn about the four Spiritual Laws and the importance of understanding and integrating these into your life.
  • Enjoy a channeled Inner Child meditation from Master Lady Mary.
  • Learn the importance of creating a “Freedom Space” for your journey and much more.


This knowledge will assist you to clear you Auric field, to raise your vibration, to let go of that which no longer serves you, to find the truth held within your Soul. It’s time to awaken to Higher Wisdom, to awaken to your Soul purpose in this life – a life of acknowledging your unique path forward to the Light of your Soul.

This course “Keys To Soul ” gives you an Ascended Master’s teaching, including the “Ancient Truths”, channeled through Lynette, Master Kuthumi’s chosen channel for many years.
This knowledge will help you release old fears, to find your own truth hidden deep within your Higher Heart. This will assist you in your daily life as you obtain inner peace and wellness.

The Time is NOW!

“My peace and love I bring to you
My Blessings I bring to you
Ancient wisdom I bring to you
Open your mind to receive the knowledge of your Soul
Open your heart to the Oneness of
“I am that I Am”Master Kuthumi


Empower yourself through the Light.

Embrace the Miracles of Divine Grace.

Let there be Light – Live it – Breathe it.
This is your Destiny


Price $279.00 AUD


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