You Came to Me

You Came to Me

There was a time when darkness fell
I was entangled in my own deep hell
My soul was swirling like a powerful wind
Here and there with no hope of an end

Tears fell endlessly down my face
Falling on nothingness into empty space
No one heard me in my time of despair
I was sorely alone with no one to care

I looked for love here I looked for love there
I found no love though I looked everywhere
How could I find it when I could not see
With swirling wind dark swirling wind blinding me

Then out of my darkness came a beautiful light
Like an angel with wings spread broad in flight
An eagle soaring in the darkness of night

You spoke words of wisdom day after day
I know I frustrated you with my childish play
You were patient and kind as you rested on bough
Trying to get through to my heart somehow

One day you took flight and I saw you no more
But know this my friend your words fell ashore
Many years later as I sit here tonight
I can thank you dear one that I saw the light

The winds have calmed and the tears have dried
Because the love I longed for was always inside
It took your light to draw light out of me
I am no longer blinded I can clearly see

The light is the love that we all need to share
Now I can reach out to one in despair
So know your light shines for others to see
Because of the day YOU CAME TO ME


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