Seeking Peace with Lord Buddha

Seeking Peace with Lord Buddha

Lord Buddha's FaceI come to speak though this one who I know so well. So often I walk with her and instill calmness within. She would tell you our brother Kuthumi is her guide, yet in truth all of us here are. We are Known collectively as the Great White Brotherhood. Such a title which is for your benefit. Here we need no title, we work in unity and collectively as man is now learning and experiencing around your planet. You are learning to look to your true self while experiencing separation due to the current virus. During this time, this pause in your life, there is time for reflection. A time to review the expectations of yourself, your desires. What are your expectations? Do you ask more of yourself than you are truly ready for? To be on a treadmill of meeting another’s expectation of you is a path to illness and disappointment. You cover your true self with a mask you hope others will accept and praise. Therefore this is a false expectation you have created for yourself.

This may have passed your mind while your lifestyle was so busy. It became easy to ignore and to push aside when we tried to remind you to look within.

Now there is stillness in the separation through illness around you. The mask can only be removed if you choose to do so. The Law of Polarity is at play. Think of a rod. At one end is your desire of acceptance from others through your words or acts. At the other end is true acceptance of yourself, which leads to inner wisdom and peace. Yet both are activated on a rod of your choice – the Law of Polarity.

In everything there is an opposite. Fear is the opposite of love. Truth is the opposite of untruths. Hate is the opposite of acceptance. It is you who choose which end of the rod you will give your energy to. This will decide your daily experience. Those who hold tightly onto material possessions, believing that will give them happiness and peace learn nothing.

The vibrational force of your planet is changing. Your own vibrational force is changing also. Take off the mask and take up the rod of polarity. Look within and release any false expectations.

The winds of change are strong – yet so are you.

A tree is often buffeted by strong winds, yet the tree stands firmly in the richness provided by the Earth. The branches will bend and sway, and wait for the storm to pass. The tree will remain standing tall and purposeful, in unity with the Earth. Man must now acknowledge his true self and be strong in that knowledge. The knowledge gained through past choices and life experiences, weeding out all that is no longer needed, that which weighs heavy on the Soul. This is the path to inner wisdom and therefore inner peace.

The Ascended Masters through Lynette Leckie-Clark

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