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Kuthumi's School of Wisdom is represented by Lynette, the Ascended Master Kuthumi's chosen channel. Through this site we offer:

Lynette's Latest Book

"The Magic of You
Stepping into your Cosmic Body"

MASTER KUTHUMI'S new book channelled through LYNETTE.

This book takes you step by step to become all you can be!
To finally understand Soul and to live a life of fulfillment -
step by guided step.


Order your copy of Lynette's Latest Book
"The Magic of You -
Stepping into your Cosmic Body"

Lynette's Interview on Internet Radio

The Light Brigade.

I ask you all to spare a few minutes each day with your brothers and sisters around your world. Simply spread your Light out through intent and visualization each day. I urge those of you who are aware of the Light energy to, through your intent and visualization, encircle the planet in Light particles each day. You see as numbers of people grow and many begin to do this, the planet will become engulfed in Light which will filter through all countries and the ones residing there. Darkness cannot penetrate Light. Remember this my friends. It is the all powerful Light energy of the Divine. Join the Light Brigade of Earth and know you are giving a gift of unconditional love to millions of others. In those few linear minutes you join as one. It is the all powerful Light energy of the Divine.
Peace to each of you in Light

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Lynette and Mike extend our welcome to you.It is both a privilege and an honor to be chosen to work with the Ascended Masters and the Council of Light as well as the ArchAngels.

So take that step toward reaching higher awareness and enlightenment.



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