The Magic of You Stepping into your Cosmic Body

The Magic of You Stepping into your Cosmic Body

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MASTER KUTHUMI’S new book channeled through LYNETTE.

The Magic Of YouThis book takes you step by step to become all you can be!
To finally understand Soul and to live a life of fulfillment –
step by guided step. Discover :

    • How to Find Your passion in Life.
  • Powerful Affirmations to Motivate You Each Day.
  • The Four Steps to Life Abundance.
  • The Still Voice within.
  • How to Use the Light Rays.
  • Your Three Minds.
  • How to Build Your Light Quotient.
  • A Renewed Positive Confidence.


Reach new heights of quantum consciousness with the meditations and higher knowledge given in this life transforming book. Created to guide mankind to finally step into a new way of thinking, creating a happier lifestyle, and to begin living a New Earth.

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As Above, So Below.

Lynette’s Interview on Internet Radio



Channeled through Lynette
Chosen Channel

Copyright see terms and conditions. All rights reserved. Kuthumi School of Wisdom.
May not be copied or changed in any way.

What Others say…

“What a wonderful and inspiring book this is. To read it is to discover fresh affirmations at every turn”.
Then I would see examples of an appropriate situation where I could apply what I had read; or at least be reminded of the affirmation. Then if I acted to do the right thing, I had a positive reinforcement.
No matter the source of each page (Lynette or Kuthumi) I plan to reread this many times.

Paul Whelan
Dallas, USA

I will always be deeply grateful to Lynette and Master Kuthumi for being there to provide that connection for enormous soul growth, to help us find clarity on our path and to show us those areas in ourselves which are in need of work. So follow your heart and accept this great gift.

Perth, Western Australia

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