Phone Readings

Phone Readings


Personal Phone Readings with Lynette and Master Kuthumi’s guidance – a Rare Opportunity!



Honest, Accurate & Affordable
Personal Phone Readings with Lynette and Master Kuthumi’s guidance – a Rare Opportunity!

NOW – You can have a personal phone reading with Lynette anywhere in the world (with telephone access) (unfortunately this offer is not open to cell phones outside Australia)

Lynette has actively facilitated channeled readings for the last 27+ years and she has been the Ascended Master Kuthumi’s Chosen Channel for the last 14 years.

Although Lynette works closely with Master Kuthumi, she also channels all the Ascended Master’s and Archangels.
Lynette is also able to communicate with your personal loved ones in Spirit, pets often come through as well.

Some of the gifts Lynette uses during her channeled readings are hearing (Clariaudiant), seeing (Clairvoyant) and Feeling (…..)

How does Lynette work….
She communicates directly with Master Kuthumi other Ascended Masters and Archangels, and often has the answer to your questions before you even ask.
Her readings usually start with and over-view of the situation that is around you at this time.

Lynette helps to illuminate your path to help you bring the future to the present.

She helps guide your life path and achieve your dreams.

Her readings are rich with guidance.

Lynette with the Masters will access the highest truth in your current circumstances.

What are you waiting for Let Lynette and the Master’s reveal your Destiny.

When you order your personal phone reading we will contact you via email to book a convenient time.
As Lynette is based on the southern outskirts of Brisbane, Queensland Australia, we have to allow for any time differences. You will then get the most out of your reading.

Hundreds of people around the world have taken advantage of this opportunity and found the accuracy is amazing!

The energy exchange is $89 per 30 minutes. This includes the cost of the call.

That’s right. WE pay for the call. (unfortunately this offer is not open to Cell Phones outside Australia)


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