The Peeling of the Onion

The Peeling of the Onion

I sat in meditation one day
And imagined myself as an onion one with many layers
I saw layers of hurt, pain and sorrow
I knew in order to grow I would have to peel the onion
To find what was inside and be what God created me to be
I had to peel away those things to be totally free
And find myself inside and be who i was always meant to be
I was free to cry and even weep
I was free to be angry and even stomp my feet
And most surely I found I was free to forgive
So that I may finally fully live
And be exactly as I was created to be
I need to peel slowly a layer at a time
These layers had been building throughout my time
These steps were not hard although at times they appeared to be
But I knew at the end I would be totally free
So now I tell others to peel off the layers
You may be surprised to see
The loving spirit in you that I have found in me
We are all one and we are all connected
No matter how small or great we perceive ourselves to be
No longer a body that you think you see
But the Spirit of God that’s exactly like me
For the Spirit of God resides in me
Is the same in you when you’re finally free



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