Lest We….

Lest we forget the golden skies
Of long gone halcyon days
Lest we aim our hearts up high
‘Neath Greatest Spirits gaze

Lest we dare to walk in dark
Eyes closed to Heaven on Earth
Lest we forget we have the key
To the Spirit of rebirth

Lest we wander in twilight
Till the latter of our lives
Lest we open now
To see Greatest Spirits eyes

Lest we drop the darkest fears
And bonds of material man
Lest we strike to break the chains
And stand by Great Spirits hand

Lest we dare to look within
To find what is not without
Lest we dare to look with Faith
To cast the darkness out

Lest we dare call to Arch and Archia
Waiting on us above
Lest we dare to call our Masters
Holding on to our love

Lest we dare to seek it all
Whilst here upon this earth
Lest we chose to carry on
With Spirit and re-birth

Lest is choice and let it be
For life is for all too learn
Upon this, heavens teaching realm
Built by the heavenly firm

James Argyle

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