I Am Heaven On Earth

I Am Heaven On Earth

I am Heaven on Earth.
I am the growth and rebirth.
I am the brilliant beam.
I am the force unseen.
I feel the divine flow through me.

I am compassion and I am free, to make my choices to live by,
For I am earth, water, fire, akash and sky.

Moment to moment I grow more.
I am expanding my wings, and beginning to soar.

The ice has melted from my heart.
I know I am fresh and ready to start,to live from my highest place, and  honor all life forms as I  serve the human race.

In my greatest potential that I can wake to move in rapid speed
In the blink of an eye it will take.
For me to transform beyond anything I have ever known
And to reap the seeds I have sown.

In great love and great care
Sensing the loving beings are with me there.

I see glistening oceans and seas of plenty,
with arrays of beautiful life the way it has always meant to be.

Each animal and creature walk side by side with me here, their unconditional love from each other  and  humanity is felt from far and near.

Our brothers and sisters of all kinds dance together as one,
As we salute our radiant joy to our central sun.

That glows in our hearts for us to connect, and with every new experience and teaching we greatly respect
Each other for we are the victory in the light.
As our bonds get tighter and tighter with each day and night.

We expand with more and more love every day
For we know this is the path this is the way.

Our journey has lead us here and now we hold each other as precious and so very dear.

We delight in the light flowing through us,
For we have risen above through courage,will, faith and trust.

We are the rainbow warriors of the New Earth’s highest dimensions.
We celebrate with appreciation, radiance, gratitude and live life with absolute intention.

We know now where we are going and what we are doing.

We are simply guided by our I am presence, and living through our awakening.

Life is so grace filled, blissful, and luxurious.

For we glide in our golden toe shoes in our greatness, goodness and oneness.

So sparkle and glisten, for you stopped and you listened, For you followed your calling,
guided by your knowing.

Welcome to Heaven on Earth, you did it divine ones, you remembered your worth.

It’s so nice to have you here!!!!!

Faerie sparkles and divine grace,


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