Fountains of Love

Fountains of Love

I once wished there were fountains
Tall as the sky, to shower and quell
The world like a mountain
To cleanse and to feed the life of the land
The darkest of hearts the coldest of hands
Then I noticed there are those who sit
So soft or so hard, but the pain will remit
Something to behold in that silent state
Something I noticed no din would abate
And people nearby would witness in secret
What I understood then I would never forget
Some pouring, some gifting, or mysterious blessing
Emerging from the hearts of those who seem resting
Yet in bodily resting are quietly working
Giving out gifts with invisible smirking
Not only sitting but walking and shining
Not only talking but soul truth aligning
Everywhere they are if your vision is clear
Knowing for us all there is nothing to fear

I had wished for fountains that set the heart free
Where people could be and live vibrantly
Indeed they live and breathe, because I started to see
All the fountains of love which spring out of me


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