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Honest, Accurate & Affordable
Master Kuthumi’s higher wisdom
through his chosen channel, Lynette
Spirituality, relationship, life, health….
Higher wisdom and guidance by phone/skype. We call you !!!!

The energy exchange is $89.00 per 30 minutes. This includes the cost of the call.
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Life WheelIn-depth Life


This truly is In-depth, covering your
personality traits,
past life,
what lessons you have come to learn and grow from in this life,
What you soul chose to overcome in this lifetime, 
What influences you can expect in the coming year.

A combination of astrology PLUS.. Master Kuthumi’s higher wisdom.
Combining Your Personal Astrological Chart with your 3 Written
Questions. Master Kuthumi will answer these questions through
Lynette, his chosen Channel.

In Depth Life Reading – AUD $189.oo

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