Divine Offerings

We offer the following services on behalf of the Ascended Masters and Arch Angels.
Each of these services is provided with the highest integrity, along with many
years of listening and learning from our wonderful Ascended Masters who chose
to work with us. We did not ask them, they presented to each of us. We can now
pass that knowledge on to mankind, as it was intended.

Please Note:  All prices on this site are quoted in Australian Dollars (AUD)



Honest, Accurate & Affordable
Master Kuthumi’s Higher Wisdom
through his chosen channel, Lynette
Spirituality, relationship, life, health, life guidance….
Higher wisdom and guidance by phone/skype. We call you !!!!

The energy exchange is $89 per 30 minutes. (unfortunately this offer is not open to Cell Phones outside Australia)Buy Now


Life WheelIn-depth Life Reading

This truly is In-depth, covering your
personality traits,
past life,
what lessons you have come to learn and grow from in this life,
What you soul chose to overcome in this lifetime, 
What influences you can expect in the coming year.

A combination of Astrology PLUS.. Master Kuthumi’s Higher Wisdom.
Combining Your Personal Astrological Chart with your 3 Written
Questions. Master Kuthumi will answer these questions through
Lynette, his chosen Channel.

Buy NowIn Depth Life Reading – $189.00  With Master’s Advice



Healing HandsDistant Divine Healing

Michael offers you the opportunity to have a distance healing with
Masters Jesus and El Moyra.
During this session Michael will connect to you through the  Masters and the ”Universal Matrix”, channeling energy and messages to you.
These sessions will be recorded as messages are channeled to Michael during the healing.

The cost of this unique opportunity is: $99.00 AUD.Buy Now


InDepth Soul Healingsoul healing

This unique channeled method of body and Soul therapy is about allowing yourself the freedom to heal,

clear past and present blocks, including cellular trauma, and move into the Now in your life.
This can only be achieved by connecting to the cause of the issue, gently, using love and compassion.

Michael connects to Masters Jesus and El Moyra who taught Michael this profound and amazing healing process.
Once cleared and healed, you are free to move forward on your life path in a positive way, enjoying the freedom from old emotional chains that previously bound you.
Restore your balance.
Heal your body on a Soul and cellular level.
It’s Amazing!
It works!
Join the hundreds of souls who have gained emotional freedom in their lives.

( This healing session is done in person only.)

The cost of this life changing Soul Healing is: $225.00 AUD
Michael resides Brisbane’s Southern Outskirts, Queensland, Australia.
If you live near or are visiting Brisbane or the Gold Coast region why not take advantage of this unique service in person.
Bookings are essential.
Once begun the process cannot be interrupted.
Allow approx 2.5 hours for this amazing freedom experience.


Soul Matrix – Level 1

  • Learn to clear and transform negative programs to enable you to step into your true self
  • You are much more than your physical body. You are a multi-dimensional being
  • Lean to read your Akashic Records – Past – Present – Future
  • Understand how to clear and maintain your auric field
  • Two levels of DNA activation’s are included to enable you to expand from the cellular to the Divine Matrix levels and raise your vibration to much higher levels
  • Ignite your Intuition
  • We work with the Three Fold Flame of the heart and activate the Octahedron of Universal Flow.
  • We activate your Pineal Gland/Third Eye to assist your intuition accuracy
  • Through Soul Matrix you will experience profound transformation of your life experiences, as you grow into a new level of spiritual growth and understanding. You learn to live your Soul Divinity daily.
  • With clearing your bodies and expanding your third eye, and DNA activation’s, connecting to the Akashic records you are able to ignite your intuition for yourself, and paying clients if you choose, which could provide an income stream for you.
  • Create a life you want.
  • Soul Matrix consists of eight face to face lessons, weekly, giving you needed time to integrate each session and keep you on track.
  • Lessons are recorded so you can listen to a particular section again.
  • Powerful Channelled meditations from the Ascended Masters are part of this course
  • We connect via Zoom – This is an Interactive internet video conference.

Soul Matrix – Level 1

Path to Ascension

  • Understand how to use spiritual energy to clear your auric field of lower negative energy, and to connect with the Higher Realms of Spirit. This understanding is essential. Negative energy is everywhere so it is important to know how to keep your energy field clear and vibrant.
  • Discover the Sacred Breath exercises to integrate more Light and higher energies into your Auric field
  • Learn about the two Healing Rays for the mental, emotional and physical bodies. It’s important to heal and clear these bodies in order to raise your vibrational level.
  • Discover the Ancient Lemurian exercise given by Master Kuthumi to strengthen your Light Body to help you cope with the energy changes on our planet today
  • Learn about the four Spiritual Laws and the importance of understanding and integrating these into your life.
  • Enjoy a channeled Inner Child meditation from Master Lady Mary.
  • Learn the importance of creating a “Freedom Space” for your journey and much more.

This knowledge will assist you to clear you Auric field, to raise your vibration, to let go of that which no longer serves you, to find the truth held within your Soul. It’s time to awaken to Higher Wisdom, to awaken to your Soul purpose in this life – a life of acknowledging your unique path forward to the Light of your Soul.This course “Keys To Soul ” gives you an Ascended Master’s teaching, including the “Ancient Truths”, channeled through Lynette, Master Kuthumi’s chosen channel for many years.
This knowledge will help you release old fears, to find your own truth hidden deep within your Higher Heart. This will assist you in your daily life as you obtain inner peace and wellness.The Time is NOW!

Path to Ascension Course

Meditation Downloads

Intuition MeditationsThese Meditations are arranged in categories to help you to choose the meditations that will help you most at this time.

All are channeled from an Ascended Master or Arch Angel. Master Kuthumi is always there with Lynette and allows another Master or Arch Angel to come forward through Lynette. Sometimes Master Kuthumi will channel a meditation himself. Lynette simply opens herself in complete trust. A trust of Master Kuthumi that has grown stronger and richer through the many years of working together.

Each meditation has a powerful energy born of Divinity and service. Each has been given for the purpose of Higher growth and awareness of Spirit and the intensive healing power of the Higher Realms. Each is given to teach, to heal, to send love and peace to those who listen.

Your own Higher Self will guide you in choosing what you need at this time on your journey of transformation.

Meditation Downloads


Ascended Master Kuthumi Channels his Higher wisdom through Lynette for the benefit of mankind. Now, Higher knowledge is available to enable you to release all your fears, to understand the Light and wisdom held in your Soul. You know that there is more, much more to understand, to know. This Sacred Knowledge has been hidden for many, many years.

How can you turn your life around, how can you gain true inner peace? The answers are in the ancient Sacred Knowledge given by Master Kuthumi to his chosen channel, Lynette, in this powerful step by step book.

Master Kuthumi’s messages and teachings are intended to guide you to gain the Higher knowledge your Soul yearns for. It creates a remembrance, a return to peace, a return to your own Universal Soul Light residing in your Higher Heart. This book leads you through the process toward true Enlightenment




Vision Quest

Discover How The “Ancient Knowledge” Of The Planets Influence Your Life And Shape Your Destiny.

These Planetary forces embody our Soul’s purpose.
Your own ‘Wheel of Life’ is unique to you alone.

These charts can help you to understand why you have particular life experiences,  your destiny, and future direction, the best place to live
for you,  how compatible are you and your partner,  what is your best job?
What is the true path of your son/daughter? Find out with the Astro
Child Profile OR the Children Special Package. Help to understand your child at a deeper level.

The following Astrology Reports are available:

  • Annual Forecast/Solar Return
  • Compatibility Forecast
  • Character Portrait of You/Natal Chart
  • Relationship Package
  • Combination
  • Astro Child Profile
  • The Children Special Package
  • Business
  • Vocational Guidance
  • Relationship
  • Numerology Report

Note: Once you have completed your payment for your personal reports please go to the Astrology Thanks tab in the Contact us menu.
You will be asked to fill out your personal details on the forms.
You only need to fill out your partners details if you have ordered a Compatibility Report.
We will not share any of your personal details with anyone. All information given is TOTALLY private.

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