Soul Matrix Level 1 Course

Soul Matrix Level 1 Course


Soul Matrix – Level 1

  • Soul Matrix consists of eight face to face lessons, weekly, giving you needed time to integrate each session and keep you on track.
  • Lessons are recorded so you can listen to a particular section again.
  • Powerful Channelled meditations from the Ascended Masters are part of this course
  • We connect via Zoom
  • Course Starts
    07 March 2021

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Soul Matrix – Level 1

Presented by Lynette.
Chosen Channel of Ascended Master Kuthumi

For an inner “aahh” moment as you Open to more layers of your soul interfacing with your Higher Self and Source. This requires a molecular upgrade of the body through DNA – the first step in the Divine – human re-wiring process, expanding your field, allowing a stronger connection.

Humanity has been functioning with only a small amount of soul integration for many of our Linear years.

The matrix of Source is now helping us to open, to expand and translate our Divinity into our humanity – our Divine – human experience

  • Learn how to clear old “programs” that no-longer serve you
  • Step into your Divine gifts and create the life you want
  • Learn how to maintain and heal your auric field
  • Learn to read your Akashic Records and fulfill your Soul purpose in this lifetime.
  • Discover Three fold flame of the heart
  • Two levels of DNA activation’s – essential for the Divine/Human Light Codes of your Divinity
  • The Octahedron Universal flow
  • Activation of your Pineal Gland/Third Eye
  • The Polarity of your soul lifetime
  • And Much More…………………
  • Course starts 07 March 2021

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