What can I Do In Transitional Times?

Solstice Meditation


Blessings to each of you as we approach another solstice. A time which the ancients always acknowledged, the Divine changing of the seasons, changing of life. Here in Australia the days will begin to lengthen toward our approach to Spring, a time of planting the seeds of ideas and projects. In the Northern Hemisphere you will approach the longest day in Summer. A time of accomplishment, of blooming, of all those ideas brought to fruition.

The solstice was a time the ancients celebrated with wonderful festivals, a time of dance accompanied with abundant feasts. They celebrated the changing seasons, listened to Mother Earth and respected her. They built great sun dials using enormous upstanding rocks in vibrationally rich areas of land such as Glastonbury in England. They listened to the heartbeat of the Earth and the Universe. Now you can too in this FREE meditation. I simply ask you share the love and pass it on in your friends e-mail list. They too can enjoy the special magic of this time.

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What can I Do In Transitional Times?

I am Kuthumi and I greet you in the Oneness of creation. We here see so much fear and frustration and the energy hangs heavily in the Ethers. I say to you this is the transitional time we have been preparing you for. The transition of consciousness, higher awareness. It is a transitional time of healing and of remembrance. It is a remembrance of your true self, your Soul, the reason you are on your planet Earth during this great time.

You have come to assist in raising the consciousness of humanity. At the core of your being is your Soul, and your Soul is love and compassion. Goodness. No lower emotion can exist in your Soul. This is why when you cross over the threshold of life, you return to Soul existence, what you call Spirit. A great review of your choices and actions during your recent lifetime occurs. Also a review of of your contracts which you chose to fulfill during that lifetime. There is no judgement of you, no. Simply a review. Here on this side is what many refer to as Heaven. Hell as many perceive it is a man made vision. There is no judgement here.

You are aware that it is time now for humanity to transform this lower conscious existence. After enduring these lower frequencies for thousands of years, you may ask why we say it is time now to leave the restrictions, hardship, darkness and separation behind you. The reason my friend is simple. It is that thousands upon thousands of humans have already awakened to Light, to their Soul, and therefore allowing higher Divine energies to flood into the Ethers. Their Light energies assist others to open, to want to change themselves and their way of life. The Light is your Soul’s natural state. Many Soul’s are pushing through the consciousness mind and feeling body to be recognized, to flood the Higher Heart with love and compassion.

This awakening reaches through to your cellular structure, awakening dormant DNA threads which have lain dormant for thousands of years. You see as you awaken, so does your body. You begin to feel lighter, you begin to want to heal and leave behind you the thousands of years of pain and separation, the memories of which are held in your Soul. You begin to look at another with more compassion instead of judgement.

Now as the Earth’s Grids are refined and activated and more Light Rays flood onto Earth from above into your atmosphere, humanity awakens. Many old souls incarnated to show the way as they had much Higher Knowledge to share. Mankind has requested this awakening time. Through thoughts, actions and energies en mass. You wonder why this has not occurred before now. As I said, humanity has decided through great numbers, raising the vibrational energies sufficiently to allow more Light to flow onto the Earth, and to raise humanities level of consciousness to one of peace, compassion, love and Oneness. To finally understand there is no separation between race, creed or God / Source. so now the new hu-man emerges from a sleeping cocoon.

This process will continue as many others join humanity to assist in this awakening process. Many of you now object to severe control and restrictions being placed on you from the outer – (those who wish to hold you in continued darkness on all levels) Many will not tolerate this separation and darkness any longer. Further, there are many darker truths being shown to humanity. Truths that previously went on behind closed doors and in secret. So you have more awareness now of what is really going on throughout your world. You may be horrified as you are made aware of the true darkness of others who operate through various levels of their perceived power and control over another. Understand it is time for you to know, to become aware.

Now I come to you, who reads my words today. What can you do? Be aware that many souls incarnated at this time to break down the dark actions of the few who would think they can control, who have operated with no boundaries, no goodness. Those many brave souls who incarnated at this time are true Light warriors. So, what can YOU do? I say to you it is time to take personal responsibility for your words, your actions, to yourself and to another. Learn from the ways of Soul. Only through learning can you truly understand what your Soul is trying to tell you my friend. Through this understanding all fear is released, because you understand and you awaken to the Light energies. To a better way of goodness, of living in balanced harmony. It is now time for the healing begins.

I tell you darkness seeks to spread fear, like a virus. Darkness needs the emotion of fear to survive, to control. I give you this. If you are fearful, pause and ask yourself, “What is the cause of my fear”? What is it you are actually fearful of happening? Now ask your self, ” Is it reality, or is it your imagination created through the emotion of fear”? You have free will on your planet. That is why I say it is humanity who has deemed the time is now for awakening to your soul knowledge, showing you the way forward. A new way of a peaceful existence.

There is no need to fear. There is however a great need for all those of Light, those you call Light workers and Starseeds to join together, to share in knowledge and energies. For togetherness is your strength in this transformational experience. Have faith in yourself, your Soul, the Universe. Hold onto faith as you would a rudder on a boat. The rudder steers the boat wherever you decide to go. This is a metaphor I use, but the meaning remains. Faith is your rudder now my friend. You have free will to choose where you wish to go. How you wish to live, how you wish to feel. Open to your Higher Self, the Gateway to your Soul. Connect with us. Listen to your inner voice as your Soul seeks to communicates with you. This is your way forward.

Master Kuthumi

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