The Lemurian Star

Meditation – Embrace the Three Fold Flame of the Heart

Three Fold Flame of the HeartThree Ascended Masters step forward –
Melcheizedek, Kuthumi and Jesus.  They presented to guide and lead you in this Sacred offering of God’s gift to us.

The Three Fold Flame – God’s stairway – merges the Higher Trinity of  body, mind and Soul.

Flow in the heart of your I AM presence.

17 minute instructional meditation

Channelled through Lynette
Chosen Channel.

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The Lemurian Star

The Lemurian StarMelchizedek speaks – I was there at that time on Earth, in Lemuria and I assisted the wise ones. The high priests followed this star. The rise and the decent. The rise was able to present great dreams and new plans. The rise also provided awakening to yet another higher level of understanding, of expansion to more Cosmic Light energy and higher wisdom – all within a frame where all was in unison. The DNA, the entire nervous structure, the flowing expanded hearts – higher and physical – through to the cellular and skeletal. All in unity and flowing in perfect order. You think of the emotion of Bliss today and to many it seems to be elusive. The Lemurians lived it. Every moment, every day, every evening. They did not initially seek more than their needs. Life was in flow.

At the time of the Lemurian Star decent, plans were brought to fruition and completion. Plans were often of simple needs in the physical existence. Yet all the while the higher Universal Wisdom was available to the wise ones holding expanded Light particles. Much wisdom was given from the Star beings – new technology, various ways of living in peace and unity, holding the God given Universal Light within. The knowledge was then shared to all in unconditional love. So all existed in the flow of Light filled unconditional love. And so it was.

These memories are now floating in Earth’s atmosphere for purpose – remembrance. To understand this flow is not separate from you. It is part of you. It is in your extended DNA along with what you know as Christ Consciousness. To remember fully is to awaken from your deep, dark slumber. It is then you wish to return to an existence of unconditional love and peace, encompassed in Light energy every moment of your stay on this planet. For this to be, action is required. Just as those before you, the Lemurians, actioned their plans on the Lemurian Star decent. You need not wait for the Lemurian Star to appear in the sky. You have the gift of choice. So now you are able to choose how you wish to exist. No matter the outside turmoil. For the remembrance, the Light, the Higher Will through unconditional love is within you still. It is not outside of you. It never has been. Always it is within.

In joy


The Ascended Masters through Lynette Leckie-Clark

Chosen Channel

Copyright © 2001 – 2020. All rights reserved. Kuthumi School of Wisdom.
May not be copied or changed in any way.

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