The Greatest Shift in Human Consciousness

Releasing with the Full Moon


Full Moon courtesy of Kevin BidwellAre you tired of carrying hurts and pain from the past?
In this new meditation we go to a place of peace overlooking the ocean.
The full moon rises out of the sea and with the help from our spirit guides and the magical energy from the moon we let go of that outdated energy, to be replaced by inner peace and unconditional love.

Channelled through Mike
Chosen Channel

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The Greatest Shift in Human Consciousness

Greetings Soul Travelers,

I have been asked by this one to share what is before you during your great cycle of transformation. This is also occurring for your planet and your outer experiences, but more importantly, within you. This is the reason why many of you are experiencing great emotions. The emotions you now feel are profound. I can tell you one of the main reasons why you feel, at times, overwhelming various emotions, is because you are transiting to a new paradigm of your very being in your human experience. Yes. Your thoughts, your perceptions, your attitudes, indeed you may wonder how you will survive the inner and outer turbulence you are facing.

Free Will

I can tell you nothing happens by chance. Yet I can hear you say, “but I have free will.” Your free will is about your reaction, your inner response to everything! What you think, how you feel, how you will respond to any situation – mental, verbal or physical, you see? It is within you that your soul growth occurs, not in situations presented to you through interactions and events. So many times your ego self stands tall and creates fear, worry and dismay. So let us go back to free will. How do you choose to respond? How do you choose to be aware of your full energetic self? This is your free will in action. I tell you humanity and your planet have been going though great changes for some years. In your new year and the following three years a new and greater awareness will be realized within you my friend. It is your DNA expanding. It must in order for humanity to awaken to a new awareness. An awareness of compassion, love and a true desire for greater peace within you and for your planet. This is not only happening in your new year, no. We have guided you through great shifts of dimensional changes in your past. We now guide you through the greatest event of all.

The Greatest Shift In your History

Yes indeed. I urge you to be aware of your human programming which seeks to restrict you on every level – your very beliefs are being shown to you now. Many of you will question what you have been told by teachers, parents, and authority about your worthiness and what you can expect during your lifetime. Control has been rampant in many areas. Violence, war, restriction and financial control. This is what has been taught to you to believe and to expect. Yet I tell you as more of humanity awaken to new vibrations within themselves they will question this. You see there is so much more available to you. You are spirit – energy. Your soul desires compassion for all. During your coming years you will feel this more strongly. Perhaps as you listen to a horrific event on your TV or computer. Or hear of a senseless war and great loss of life. You will feel a sadness within your heart center. This is soul compassion growing within you. The awakening of your expansive heart, referred to as your true brain by many. It is this feeling of compassion for humanity and the planet, indeed all living beings, that will birth humanities new consciousness.

New Paradigms

This is humanities birth, the new awareness of compassion, of expanded higher beliefs of yourself and others. You begin to fully understand your true worthiness, that you do indeed matter in your world of change. You will understand and begin to see that the old paradigms of hate, war and conflict have no place in your consciousness of new understanding and beliefs. It is not necessary to repeat your history over and over again. To endure suffering, pain and loss. So new beliefs are being born within you and for generations to come through your expanded DNA. As you begin to follow your heart through new and expanded feeling, your higher centers awaken more fully. Like any muscle in your physical body, your heart brain becomes more active, rejuvenating the cells throughout the body and mind brain. A higher level of wellness is experienced on your emotional, mental and physical bodies. And so your beliefs and free will grow though this great change. It begins within you, with the actions of YOUR free will.

Changes In your Outer World

Great changes must occur through the breakdown of old structures in the financial systems, governments and those who seek to hold onto ego driven control of others. Ego cannot survive in a compassionate heart. These changes create what many have referred to as a new Earth. Remember each of you is worthy and each of you has the ability within you to create your future. You were born with these abilities, they are not learnt. It is rather an awakening to a new understanding of your true self. To assist you through this great transformational change I give you this – Remember you are a great being of Light, and as such carry the higher energy of God/Source within you, not outside of you. This connection is available at will. Many feel this connective energy in a meditative state. All of the cells in your body respond greatly to this connective energy. That is why you feel a peace, a wellness after meditating. Also respect and love yourself first. Only then can you give to another. An empty cup can give nothing and is drained. Prepare wisely in your affairs of finance and work. Know you are not alone. We are your helpers and your support. It is your free will if you choose to walk with us. Remember the great seers of your history. They too faced challenges of life, yet remained true to themselves. They had faith in their truth and beliefs. It is interesting that they have been remembered in your history as only a few. In your coming years all of humanity will awaken to a higher truth and a new compassionate awareness within.

Kuthumi through Lynette Leckie-Clark

Chosen Channel

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