The Divine and Linear Lions Gate of 2020

Meditation – A Sacred Time

This is a mediation for our ascension timeline.
Fully channeled from Master Kuthumi through Lynette, Kuthumi guides you with ribbons of purposeful empowerment, weaving throughout your cellular structure and your entirety.
You are seeped in Grace in the Oneness of ALL.
Humanities destiny has arrived.

17 Minute Channelled Meditation

Channelled through Lynette
Chosen Channel

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The Divine and Linear Lions Gate of 2020

We greet you in the Light of Oneness. We are known as Ascended Masters Kuthumi and Jesus. We have come together to remind you of your Divine self at this sacred time.

Master Jesus –

Those who operate on a higher frequency will understand, though those of a Linear mindset are also embraced. Your time of the 8th – 12th August is known by us here as a sacred time, a time of powerful opportunities. Think of these opportunities as jewels lying before you waiting for you to notice them, waiting for you to become awakened, waiting for you to rise further in our awareness. Yes our awareness, for all is available to you now in your year of 2020. A year of many challenges as the old is broken down, as it must be so the new can emerge. So it is with you. There is much more activated Light energy available at this time. This is a Divine gift to each of you. It shines on your Solar Plexus chakra, assisting you in the release of the old ways, the old energies, old untruths, old resentments and old ties. I come to give you added support and healing if you wish to step forward and upward. If you wish to become free, to rise and awaken. Call on me. Be still and listen within. Your true self will guide you. You know this as your Higher self. You may be questioning in a Linear way. Wishing to see physical evidence. This is Linear thinking. As you rise to a higher frequency you FEEL. This is our way and the way of your Soul. A place where your ego cannot exist. A place close to us here, a place of beauty and peace.

Master Kuthumi –

I am here with this one as always. (Lynette) When we work together we merge as one. I say to you that YOU hold the key to your ascension process. That key lies in your heart, merged with your Higher heart and Thymus. This is your own Master Golden Key. Scientists have already awakened to understand that your physical heart contains a brain and therefore also contains a memory. Your heart is at the forefront of everything you do. The mind takes the heart’s instruction to action. This is why I gave this one The Universal Emerald Heart Meditation many years ago. It was for all, though the scientific information was not available to all back then. I tell you this because the Emerald Ray is needed to surround your own Master Golden Key now to release and clear old memories held in your heart and your cellular structure. In many ways this clearing will be a gateway to higher frequencies, powered by the energy and strength of a lion – having a strong inner intent. Now we look at the number 8. A powerful manifestation number of abundance and success. If we turn the 8 on it’s side we have the symbol of Infinity. On the 8th day of August is also the eighth month, therefore a double 8. Further this year at this time there are added cosmic energies streaming onto your planet. Golden rays of awakening assisting those who seek. So yes, a very sacred, magical time awaits you. For those who wish to raise their frequency I will guide this one in a meditative process.  It is indeed a very magical, enlightening time. Rejoice with us.

We Bless each of you in unconditional love

The Ascended Masters through Lynette Leckie-Clark

Chosen Channel

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