Number 52021 is a year of change, both personally and for humanity. It is a year where humanity does indeed decide it’s own future – how we choose to live, what we choose to believe and how we will honor our true spiritual sovereignty, our true spiritual self.
So let’s take a look deeper at what the numbers are telling us.
Of course Master Kuthumi was Pythagoras in a previous lifetime, a lifetime of understanding and teaching numerology, the name we know it as today.
“Evolution is the law of life, number is the law of the Universe, Unity is the law of God.” Pythagoras.

2021 is a year of such Soul Light transformation as humanity has never known before in it’s history!
However we have been prepared for this great transformation in the years leading up to 2020 and in particular 2020 which was a 4 year, 2 + 2 =4.  2020 was a foundational year of building, of clearing out what no longer served us – emotions, old traumas and hurts, our e-mails, office and rooms in your house. So if you felt the need to clear, this 4 year provided the energetic need within you. 2020 was a year of hard work as all this clearing may not have been easy and required a strong intent from you in some cases. This prepared you for a new year of change in 2021.
You see you can’t create true change until the old is cleared.
So we now stand on the threshold of a new way forward, new dreams, and great potential for renewed personal growth on any level but particularly on a spiritual level. All this equals change – within and without.
The Universe is with you as we have seen by the Christ/Lemurian Star in our sky in late December. The massive Light from Source streaming into our atmosphere to awaken your own spirit, and ignite your Soul Wisdom.

The number 5,  2 + 2 + 1 = 5,  represents encouragement to change, yet is also flexible as some will find change/letting go of old beliefs easier than others. 5 is also represented by the sacred sign of the Pentagram, the 5 pointed star.
We have always had the Pentagram on our website, we call it the Christ star.
In astrology Mercury, often called Gods messenger, represents the vibration of the number 5. We have entered the Air element for a period of 200 years.
Air represents communication, the word – both spoken and written.
In numerology 5 is known as the Life Path number, your destiny. The number 5 vibration likes friends and belonging to community – unity! Yet this number can also represent risk taking financially. This year may affect great changes in the world stock and monetary systems.

The Number 1 is the number of the pioneer who forges new ways and new paths. The one who is not afraid of the unknown, who has the courage to boldly step forward to create what they choose in a new path forward.
Number 1 represents the Sun, our life force, the basis of all life. It is also the number of creativity, inventiveness, ambition and determination. This year humanity is being guided by the Universe/ Source to know your true basis of life – your Spirit, your Soul.

The number 2  is a symbol for the moon, the feminine aspect, where the Sun represents the masculine aspect – so we have duality and balance of these in 2021. This represents a harmonious vibration. It is a more gentle aspect and not as strong in creating new ideas and pathways as the number 1.  So again – vibrational balance.
These aspects of the number 2 will work well with the Air element we now experiencing as it also represents the mental plane – (a part of the emotional, mental and physical planes of humanity.)
Number 2 influences romance, caring about nature and bringing any artistic abilities you may have forward.

Zero is about Source/God, the Divine spirituality within us all. All these aspects of numerology in 2021 will further our inner need for change, transformation, in awakening to your Soul, your Divine Inner Beacon through this life time. This your great SOUL CONTRACT – why you chose to incarnate at this enlightening time on Earth.

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Blessings Lynette
Kuthumi School of Wisdom

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