Cosmic Assistance for Humanity

Rememberance of Lemurian Grace

In this meditation, with Ascended Masters gathered,  you are taken on a journey of Soul remembrance back to the energy of Lemuria. You connect to the Law of One. The connections made in this meditation are astounding and contain the power to stay with you, to connect energetically at will throughout your day.

18 Minute Channelled Meditation

Channelled through Lynette
Chosen Channel

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Cosmic Assistance for Humanity

I am aware of three members of the Great White Brotherhood wishing to speak, though at this stage I do not know which three until I connect more deeply. Sunat Kumara steps forward and gives the title, telling me this is accurate. He is a strong, powerful and all knowing energy. He begins –

As you look at your world many see turmoil, anger and misplacement. It is a misplacement of inner knowing that many are not consciously aware of. This misplacement has occurred because souls incarnated with a wish, a contract to assist in the awakening of humanity on Earth. However, now in physical form they find the restrictions, the outer hypocrisy and control from darker forces very difficult, even impossible to integrate on all levels of their Being. Their vibrational force was lowered considerably because of this and so they feel lost and in despair. From my solar home I, Sunat Kumara come to give you hope and assistance with thousands of my solar brothers, some are birthing into human form as I give this transmission. They come to give great strength for the fulfillment of humanities ascension. They come in unconditional love. Do not fear them. They arrive with accelerated DNA formation in order to complete their mission on Earth. I have rejoined my brothers and sisters, whom you know as a collective called the Great White Brotherhood, temporarily. I left some years ago to join the Solar Brotherhood as many of you are aware. There are many Beings from other planets wishing to assist you to rise to your full power of Light. Humanity is beginning to remember the true power each hold within.

Maitreya now steps forward with his beaming cheeks and twinkling eyes. He has been waiting to speak. One of the three.

We welcome back the presence of our brother Sunat, if only for a short time. Though we are never truly separated. Of course in your Linear thinking and time it will seem as though Sanat is with us much longer in time. However Earth’s Linear time is quickly shortening to Quantum no time. You know this. We here have been giving transmissions to assist you in your soul awakening for many years now, hundreds in fact. Now we rejoice as you awaken in your thousands – as it must be. Many more of you will follow and experience the knowledge of the true power you all contain. This is a time of remembrance and will continue into your future. As you remember the greatness of who you really are, you will also consciously wish to live every day in the expanse of your Soul Light.

However the darker outer elements among you will continue to push you harder, to express their power over you and fulfill the needs of their ego. You will feel a resentment building within. Yet you will not wish to go back to the old ways of living. Many will wish to tear down these structures of yesteryear. Mmmm, a strong term, but one I can use I think. Now we come to your present year. Great changes are occurring for all. My brother Kuthumi has spoken of this. There will be many more disruptions on your conscious level, your government levels, the Earth itself through erratic weather patterns as great cycles of Earth reach completion. Yet still the darker forces will seek to push you even harder to maintain control. They wish the old order of humanity to continue. Yet the pull of your Soul cannot and will not be denied. The call of your Soul is both your destiny and your contract to fulfill. So outwardly resentment will be displayed and many more will step up to defeat the darker elements and the antics of the power seekers who would wish to control all.

Lady Nada glides forward, yes glides is the correct description. She moves effortlessly yet her energy is of great purpose, strength and compassion, all wrapped in glaring white Light. This message from Lady Nada was given to me a few weeks ago.

It is time. You have been prepared. Those old Souls will feel this in their Being, their Soul. The experience has been great, in the dimensions of emotion, of reality. Your outer reality which you chose, and still you choose. Each day, each minute of your time. Yet your higher heart is calling you forward, upward. To more, to remember your true essence.
Old Souls will show you, guide you, as a map of remembrance. That is all you need you see. You have been told many times all you need is within. It is true. It is simply that you have forgotten for a while.
Now it is time. Time to awaken from your longer slumber of lower experience. Know we are with you, indeed thousands of of us watch and assist when needed. We see that time for us is now also. And so we come to join you. We are here, together.
I am Lady Nada

Now she wishes to continue…

Together we move forward to the fulfillment of humanities evolutionary process. The feminine is rising also and will continue for the feminine is part of the Divine Trinity – masculine, feminine and child. It is time for all to be balanced. In order for this to occur the feminine must be brought to her correct place in the Triad of ALL. For many years darker forces have sought to use and abuse the feminine, to push her downward. In the great Triad all are equal and all work together in balance as part of The One. Your external power lies en-mass. The collective consciousness must be heard throughout the Universe strongly and in unison for humanities return to the power of Light. The battle is not new. This battle of humanities Light is long and centuries old. Yet as I have said the time is now.

Your current year is crucial for humanities awakening to the true Divinity of the Light. Light warriors will be needed more and more as you proceed through your current year and step into a new year of potential in 2021 – a year of great opportunity with many new Earth and planetary cycles beginning. A new and stronger collective consciousness will build even more strength. The strength will be built from battles, both those of loss and of victory. You have experienced the diversity of free will and of spirit while in physical form over thousands of years. This is contained in the evolutionary history of humanity. The circle is now at the point of completion. Completion is an inner knowing, a conscious acknowledgment of experiencing two worlds while in physical form, of integrating both dark and Light aspects within and of remembering your Light Divinity.

Sanat Kumara, Maitreya and Lady Nada

We are part of the collective known as The Great White Brotherhood / The Council of Light

Channelled through Lynette
Chosen Channel

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