Heaven’s Key

Heaven’s Key

What holds the key
to Heaven’s Door and opens the gate
to Shamballa’s Shore?
The home of Peace and Love for all?

Money’s not the answer…
Neither is fame.
Not sympathy, nor compassion,
nor physical gain.

These thoughts, words, and deeds
may crack open the door
but lack the strength to move it more.
It’s not the place you want to be
if Heaven’s your wish for Eternity.

All these things are honorable and would
Keep you aligned with mortal good…
But won’t win the prize you’re reaching for
The one that’s locked behind that door.

Beauty, Gratitude, Praise, and Care…
are so close to being almost there.
Embrace them enough and you’ll eventually
see…how to open this door to Eternity.

The process of elimination as you go through life
has stripped off the veils that blocked out the Light.
Although not yet there, your vision’s now clear…
Your pathway is lit…the Doorway draws near.

Joy teases your Mind to look in and see
that deep inside you was hidden the key,
that opens this Door and allows you to BE…
in Love with Life for Eternity.

The inner wars cease and the mind rests in peace
As the heart leads the way…
to Heaven on Earth…
and Immortal Play!

Although narrow and steep to those that are blind…
This Joy-filled path is really sublime and
simple to those with “eyes that see”
The answer is falling

Kathy Dobson

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