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Ascended Master Jesus

Ascended Master Jesus, Ascended Masters of the White Brotherhood The Ascended Master Jesus channelled this message through Lynette, in order for mankind to have a greater understanding of the Brotherhood's purpose in the process of the planets enlightenment.

I come forward to you with great joy and love. Great love. I emanate love to you because it is so needed by all on earth. Many believe they know true love, sadly this is not so. For energies surrounding their love is often limited by lack of understanding and their own insecurity. This is why I try to give such encompassing love to all who seek me.

Many still believe it is not possible to reach my energies, to feel my essence. Again I say, I come to all who seek me. I come with love and give freely my healing energies. All contain a spark of light from the divine source, and so all are connected.

I encourage, love, compassion and healing energies to all. I remind you that this must also include your self.

I see so many forget about themselves. They think that to be enlightened you must give to all in selfless service.

But I tell you, first the heart must be pure and strong in faith, the physical body must be cleansed and healed, and the mind must be open to higher consciousness. In nurturing your own self, you are then able to be of greater service to others, with a pure and loving intent.

Master Jesus

(Picture courtesy of artist Kinsley Jarrett and Hooper Publications, Ltd., Australia
From the book Visions of the Ascended Masters - Patricia Hooper Publisher)


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