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Ascended Master El Morya

Ascended Master El Moyra, Ascended Masters of the White Brotherhood The Ascended Master El Morya channelled this message through Lynette, in order for mankind to have a greater understanding of the Brotherhood's purpose in the process of the planets enlightenment.

What a joy and honour to be called to speak to you. To have an opportunity to share my essence with you. I seek to help the ones who choose a path of teaching enlightenment. Those who give of themselves, their energy, their knowledge, in order to raise another's vibration.
To assist another in this manner is a great gift, a gift that cannot be measured in your material terms.

I also assist my brother Kuthumi in this task. For the awareness of earth is raising to higher levels, and we are kept very busy.

I also assist those who seek knowledge and understanding of the planetary system. This is ancient knowledge and many through your earth history have endeavoured to provide others with their knowledge and understanding of the planets influence.
And their influences should not be underestimated.

For they play a great part in your characteristics, and provide an influence also on your life lessons.

So you can see, the importance of the planetary influences.

It is very pleasing to see many now who are seeking this ancient knowledge. I send you peace on your journey of understanding and enlightenment.

Master El Morya

(Picture courtesy of artist Kinsley Jarrett and Hooper Publications, Ltd., Australia
From the book Visions of the Ascended Masters - Patricia Hooper Publisher)


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