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Michael channel for the Ascended Masters

I offer you a choice of three different and wonderful opportunities to heal yourself from all those life experiences you have participated in. These experiences are held at a deep soul level, and need to be unlocked from the subconscious in order for you to progress on the magnificent path you were destined to travel. Once freed from these heavy burdens that have been holding you firm in the past, the world is beckoning you to step forward with an enlightened understanding and renewed confidence in your future.


Distant Divine Healing

Michael offers you the opportunity to have a distance healing. During this session Michael will connect to you, through the "Universal Matrix" and also channel the Masters energy to you. These sessions will be recorded as messages are channeled to Michael during the healing. This often provides guidance and healing on the emotional body as well. The recording will be available on a secure web page for you to download and keep.

The cost of this unique opportunity is: $75.00 AUD.

What others say ...

“Words cannot describe how grateful I am to Mike for his long distance healing I recently received from him.  His amazing capacity to know exactly how I was feeling both emotionally and physically at the time of the healing was truly incredible. 

I cannot thank them enough for their love and continued support, always available for me as I move through this “Game of Life”.

Catherine, Perth WA

I want to tell you how awesome that was to listen to and feel. When I told you I felt butterflies around my heart that was the same time on the tape that you ask Jesus to stand over me with his hand on my shoulder and send his love to my heart..When I heard that it brought tears of joy to my eyes..

God Bless, Robin, New Orleans, USA

There is something in his energy, a warmth that dissolves the hardness in your being.

Joel, Phillipines

I have felt emotionally trapped for years, that's gone. It's amazing.


He has a very strong healing energy and a very gentle manner.

Caroline, England

Whilst on vacation on Mount Tamborine, I picked up a foreign energy. It was desperately clinging onto my back and highly uncomfortable. My sense was that Mike had what it took that help remove it and help it on its way back home. And so it was. Mike, thanks very much for the loving and respectful way in which you've helped me, for sharing your insights during the healing sessions, and for the advice you've given me. You are blessed by working as a healer and may you receive many clients that will be blessed with healing.

Eric, Switzerland


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