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The Gateway of SpiritAdd to Cart

Kuthumi School of Wisdom, Balance Within

Mother Mary steps forward to lead you through the Gateway of Spirit leading to ascension.

She is joined by the Great White Brotherhood, the Council of Light.

This meditation can be used as it is, or shortened to two or three minutes to transform and center you in your daily experiences.

It is the very core of spirit, beautifully simplistic and flowing with the power of Source. Whether new to the path or an old soul this guided meditation is one to remember and to walk frequently

20 minute meditation $14.ooAUD

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Chosen Channel

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Question To Kuthumi

Kuthumi School of Wisdom, Balance Within

Wayne in the United asks,  I have come to understand that in this time there are some "souls" that have incarnated for the first time to help in some way with our transition to a 5th dimension. Apparently some "souls" are not of the exact same thing as most everyone else. Perhaps spirits of a different kind. Is this correct?

From Kuthumi, " There are only a few young souls on Earth at this time, some 2 to 3 billion. Most are older, more experienced souls who have chosen to assist in the transition to a higher vibrational Earth. The younger souls have incarnated to expand their soul knowledge and experience through a greater understanding of the ego self. These ones often display the lower frequencies of anger, greed and control of others to camouflage their often deeply held fears and feelings of self guilt. Sub conscious learning also plays a part in their emotions and behavior. The older souls, and this includes what we call 'the wise ones', have agreed to be on Earth through this transition time to teach others the higher wisdom and to assist in soul growth through the expansion of their wisdom fields. This is achieved through the human experience and the expression of free will, thereby learning to become the observer. This enables the soul to merge fully within the human auric field." Further, in this answer I refer to the planet Earth and the souls who have chosen to incarnate there.

Thank you dear Kuthumi for sharing this knowledge with us and answering Wayne's question.

Chosen Channel

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