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Channeled teachings from the Ascended Master Kuthumi

MASTER KUTHUMI'S new book channelled through LYNETTE.

This book takes you step by step to become all you can be!
To finally understand Soul and to live a life of fulfillment -
step by guided step. Discover :

* How to Find Your passion in Life.

* Powerful Affirmations to Motivate You Each Day.

* The Four Steps to Life Abundance.

* The Still Voice within.

* How to Use the Light Rays.

* Your Three Minds.

* How to Build Your Light Quotient.

* A Renewed Positive Confidence.

Reach new heights of quantum consciousness with the meditations and higher knowledge given in this life transforming book. Created to guide mankind to finally step into a new way of thinking, creating a happier lifestyle, and to begin living a New Earth.

As Above, So Below.

What Others say...

“What a wonderful and inspiring book this is. To read it is to discover fresh affirmations at every turn”.
Then I would see examples of an appropriate situation where I could apply what I had read; or at least be reminded of the affirmation. Then if I acted to do the right thing, I had a positive reinforcement.
No matter the source of each page (Lynette or Kuthumi) I plan to reread this many times.

Paul Whelan
Dallas, USA

I will always be deeply grateful to Lynette and Master Kuthumi for being there to provide that connection for enormous soul growth, to help us find clarity on our path and to show us those areas in ourselves which are in need of work. So follow your heart and accept this great gift.

Perth, Western Australia  

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Order your copy of Lynette's Latest book
" The Magic of You -
Stepping into your Cosmic Body"

Lynette's Interview on Internet Radio

Channelled through Lynette
Chosen Channel

Copyright 2001 - 2014. All rights reserved. Kuthumi School of Wisdom.
May not be copied or changed in any way.

Master Kuthumi's Teachings Volume1

A book of Ascended Master Kuthumi's Teachings

Is This Divine Timing?

Channeled teachings from the Ascended Master KuthumiNow, an opportunity to connect to your soul, to gain direction in these evolutionary times. Kuthumi speaks on subjects such as;

  • The First Steps
  • Learning From Fear
  • Expectations
  • Change
  • Previous Incarnations
  • Abundance
  • Masters Quotes

The answer is within you - this book helps you find the answers.
A must for all walking the path of Light


Ascended Master Kuthumi, in this book has channeled a broad ranging collection of teachings on present and previous incarnations, joy, inner peace, worthiness, and creating abundance through your mind. Here are messages on the changes beginning to take place in our world, the way the planets affect us, the help, love and joy we can receive if we accept it, and the answer to questions such as why am I here? Is the effort worthwhile? Is all of your change good? Previously incarnated as Pythagoras, Balthazar and Francis of Assisi, among others, Master Kuthumi currently shares the role of world teacher and in this collection of teachings brings inspiration, comfort, hope and knowledge from a unique perspective. Through his channel, Lynette Leckie-Clark he has answered questions not yet asked, solved problems not yet encountered and challenged us to see a wider view.

Channelled through Lynette
Chosen Channel

Copyright 2001 - 2013. All rights reserved. Kuthumi School of Wisdom.
May not be copied or changed in any way.

$29.95 AUD
Plus P&H $20.00 AUD


Home Study Course

Master Kuthumi's Channelled HomeStudy Course

Busy Lifestyle - Study at your own pace

  • It's Unique
  • It's Magical
  • It's Enlightening
  • It's Easy to Understand and Follow.
  • It's Master Kuthumi's Channeled Home study Course
  • "Footprints of a Master" - Initiates level


    $225.oo AUD Plus P&H $25.oo AUD

    Master Kuthumi has given this to Lynette so you can study at home at your own pace.
    What will I learn?

    • Breath work exercises to integrate more Light and higher energies into your auric field
    • Understand energy, how to work with it and recognize the various levels
    • Overcome change and fear
    • Learn about the astral plane
    • Learn Master Kuthumi's exercise to change old behavior patterns
    • The Ancient Lemurian exercise given by Master Kuthumi to strengthen your Light Body to help you cope with the energy changes on our planet today
    • The healing rays
    • Channeled Inner Child meditation with Lady Mary
    • Create a "Freedom Space"
    • All this and more are covered in a beautifully presented 7 Cd set

    This course "Footsteps of the Master" gives you an Ascended Master's teaching, including the "Ancient Truths", channeled through Reverend Lynette, Master Kuthumi's chosen channel for many years.
    This knowledge will help you grow, release old fears, to find your own truth hidden deep within your inner heart. This will assist you in your daily life as you obtain inner peace and wellness.
    These teachings are also invaluable to those who have already begun their path of higher learning.

    The Time is NOW!!!!!!!

    "Through Knowledge comes Understanding,
    and Understanding releases fear"
    Master Kuthumi


    $225.oo AUD Plus P&H $25.oo AUD

    Home study now with Master Kuthumi, World Teacher, through his chosen channel Reverend Lynette.


    Ascended Master Kuthumi's Teachings Vol 1 CD

    Master Kuthumi Teachings Cd Vol1

    Here at last you are able to listen to Master Kuthumi's teachings and feel his energy.
    Master's love and wisdom, expressed through this selection of teachings will engulf you, leading you to a path of deeper understanding and enlightenment.
    Feel yourself carried on the wings of an angel into the world of enlightened beings.

    The channeled teachings through Lynette, float on a background of angelic harp music.
    A joy to your soul.

    Channelled through Lynette
    Chosen Channel

    Copyright 2001 - 2013. All rights reserved. Kuthumi School of Wisdom.
    May not be copied or changed in any way.

    $24.95 AUD
    Plus P&H $15.00 AUD

    Ascended Master Kuthumi's Teachings Vol 2
    Download Version

    Master Kuthumi's Teachings Cd Vol2Following numerous requests, we release:

    Ascended Master Kuthumi's Teachings Vol2

    In his loving, simple style, Master Kuthumi speaks on subjects such as:

    Why am I Here?
    Group Karma
    In Times of Strife
    Inner Peace
    Ten various subjects are covered in Vol 2

    You will feel his love, his energy while you listen to his words, awakening and enriching your soul. The carefully chosen harp music heals your chakra centers and uplifts the spirit.

    Channelled through Lynette
    Chosen Channel

    Copyright 2001 - 2013. All rights reserved. Kuthumi School of Wisdom.
    May not be copied or changed in any way.

    Download Version - $18.00
    Add to Cart

    Stilling the Mind

    Master Kuthumi's Teachings Cd Vol2

    Michael has been in service to the Masters for over twelve years, providing Divine healing and development classes to assist souls on their path. Master El Moyra requested that Michael provide a series of instructional CD's to help people with their meditation techniques. This would help to open new doors for communication to their own guides, and provide an inner stillness. This CD is the first in the series.

    With this instructional Cd you can learn to -

    • Still a busy mind
    • Focus
    • Feel the peace of higher energies
    • Begin to communicate with your own guide

    An added bonus is that a gentle and relaxing healing meditation has also been included.

    People have said they can feel the Master's energy. Now you can too!!

    Channelled through Michael
    Chosen Channel

    Copyright 2001 - 2013. All rights reserved. Kuthumi School of Wisdom.
    May not be copied or changed in any way.

    $19.95 AUD
    Plus P&H $15.00 AUD


    Dear Lynette,

    I just wanted you and of course the Masters to know how fantastically uplifting and supporting it is to be able to download and partake of the channeled meditations you are offering. They are an absolute blessing and have been of such enormous  benefit. I just wanted you to know of the profound effect they are having as I am sure not just for me but for everyone.

    Love, Pippa


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